Cylindrical Grinding

Adhering to the highest industry standards.

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Our cylindrical grinding department is equipped with seven NC controlled grinders. We have the capability to grind very small to multi-ton parts such as straight face, tapered, convex and concave with conventional & diamond grinding wheels. Our largest machines can swing up to 42″ in diameter, grind parts 30 feet in length and can hold tolerances as close as .0002.

strigent quality control


  • Aerospace landing gear components
  • Nuclear reactor tooling
  • Work rolls (levelers, laminators, calendar, plastic film, conductor)
  • Printing cylinders (plates, blankets, impressions, water metering rolls)
  • Hydraulics (cylinder rods, swivel pistons, actuators, telescopic tubes, pistons)
  • Turbines (steam, electrical, gas)
  • Spindles, mandrel shafts
  • Rotors (electrical, mechanical)
  • Refiner shafts (oil industry, pulp and paper)